I have been an avid outdoorsman all of my life. My outdoor experiences started at a young age when my father, a hunter and fisherman, took me with him on some of his trips. I furthered my wilderness experiences as a young man during the time that I spent as a Boy Scout. I climbed Mt. Whitney and spent many weeks during a number of summers traveling with my scout troop.

In scouting I had an opportunity to travel throughout the United States and had great adventures in many of the Rocky Mountain States. As I grew older I had an opportunity to rely on the skills that were taught to me by both my dad and my scouting family and had opportunities to travel throughout Colorado, Idaho, Utah, Montana, Wyoming, British Columbia, until I finally discovered Alaska.

My love of photography came later on in my adult life as my initial wilderness experiences were spent fishing and hunting. I have spent many weeks hunting and fishing in both Colorado and Utah and after discovering Alaska in the summer of 1989 I have spent every summer since traveling back to the State of Alaska spending most of my time there in both Southcentral and Western Alaska.

On all of my trips to Alaska I have been accompanied by my wife of 37 years, Cindy. We have made over 40 trips to Alaska since our first visit and I can not even begin to count the number of times that we have gotten on a small float plane and flown into the wilderness for a day of fishing, photography, or just
play sightseeing.

Of all of the wilderness experiences that I have had throughout the Rocky Mountains, and I have been to some very incredibly beautiful locations, I can only describe my first trip to Alaska as something beyond description. While the hunting and fishing there is still about as good as it gets, the beauty and grandeur of Alaska is really beyond description. The 49th State is truly a photographers paradise and over the years I have had an opportunity to see and photograph some very special and spectacular things. If I have one regret with respect to my previous trips it would be that I did not have the quality of photographic equipment or the knowledge of photography that I have today. 

A great deal of my photography that you will see on this website was incidental to a fishing or flight-seeing trip. You never know what just  might walk by while you are reeling in a 10 lb. Rainbow Trout or a 40 lb. King Salmon. There is an old saying about a picture being worth a thousand words. I hope that you will enjoy my photographs and pay particular attention to the narratives that I have provided for a great deal of them. They complete the story that the picture paints!

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During the Summer of 2013 we will travel to Alaska twice in our attempt to once again capture the sights of the 49th State.  We will once again fly into Katmai National Park to view and photograph the great Coastal Brown Bears as well as any other available wildlife that is there.  We will also spend time on the Kenai Peninsula in search of Bald Eagles and the magnificent landscape that is abundant in the Kenai Mountains.  We will also fly across the Cook Inlet and through Lake Clark Pass and into the Lake Clark National Park region.  This is magnificent mountain, river,.. Read More

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Feel free to browse my photo galleries.

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