07/14/2014 - Malibu Art Festival
We will once again be show and selling our art in Malibu. Please come by a see us July 26 & 27th. Same location as last year "in the shade". We have lots of really nice prints this years and several sizes.

06/28/2012 - Day 1: Flight from U.S. to Oslo, Norway
We began our expedition into the Arctic and departed from the United States on an overnight flight that took us to Oslo, the capital city of Norway via London where we changed planes.  The flight from London to Oslo is a relatively short 2 hour flight.  As we flew over Norway and into the Oslo Airport I noticed a significant resemblance.. more

06/29/2012 - Day 2: Exploring Oslo
There were two reasons why we decided to leave early on our trip and one was to be sure that we didn't get hung up with missed flights and subsequently miss our charter flight into Longyearben from Oslo. The other reason was to be sure that we had an opportunity to see some of the sights in Oslo and day two was that day. Our friend took us to.. more

06/30/2012 - Day 3: Further Explorations of Oslo
This was the building where the Nobel Prizes eminate from.  It was located not far from the Waterfront where we boarded a water taxi on our way to the Kon Tiki and Viking Museums.

07/01/2012 - Day 4: From Oslo to Longyearbyen
 This was the day that all of the members of our group, all 140 of us, were transported to the Oslo Airport where we boarded an SAS Chartered 737 and made the relatively short flight of two and a half hours to the Airport in Longyearbyen on the Island of Spitzbergen.  Upon arriving at the airport in Longyearbyen we then made preparations.. more

07/02/2012 - Day 5: Our Exploration of Svalbard
During this time of the year there are 24 hours of daylight in the Svalbard Archipelago.  All of the rooms on board are equipped with shades that completely blot out the light from outside and we found our first night's sleep to be both relaxing and very enjoyable.  The queen sized bed in our room was very good and had a nice balcony that.. more

07/03/2012 - Day 6: Exploring the Arctic Shores
This was our first real day of exploration aboard the Explorer.  After we went through the daily ritual of decontamination of our boots and equipment, which was mandatory every time that we left and returned to the ship, most everyone boarded the Zodiacs and headed to shore.  We saw a wide variety of seabirds foraging, nesting and at time.. more

07/04/2012 - Day 7: Cape Fanshawe
This was a bird lover's paradise with 180-200 ft. cliffs composed of dolrite and capped with limestone that rose straight up from the ocean. There were literally tens of thousands of birds flying around with Thick-Billed Murres, also known as Brunnich's Guillemots, being the most noteworthy and abundant. They were so thick in abundance that it.. more

07/05/2012 - Day 8: Northeast Svalbard: Bears on Ice
The best way to rate day 8 of our overall trip is to equate it with the totality of the trip. This was the day that made the entire trip worthwhile. If the trip was only a 1 day trip and this was that day the price of this trip would have been worth every dime that we spent. This was truly a day to remember! On July 4th we spotted a total of .. more

07/06/2012 - Day 9: Searching for the Ice Bears
I just referred to this as the day after. I knew that it would be nearly impossible to improve on the previous day's experiences so for me there wasn't much that could happen from this point out that would cause disappointment for me on this trip. I am experienced enough in taking wildlife shots that if you shoot 2,000 pictures in one day of bear.. more


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During the Summer of 2013 we will travel to Alaska twice in our attempt to once again capture the sights of the 49th State.  We will once again fly into Katmai National Park to view and photograph the great Coastal Brown Bears as well as any other available wildlife that is there.  We will also spend time on the Kenai Peninsula in search of Bald Eagles and the magnificent landscape that is abundant in the Kenai Mountains.  We will also fly across the Cook Inlet and through Lake Clark Pass and into the Lake Clark National Park region.  This is magnificent mountain, river,.. Read More

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