We headed north, into the ice and experienced the land with the legendary midnight sun. A high Arctic archipelago situated between Norway and the North Pole, Svalbard is a place of deep fjords, snow-capped mountains, massive sheets of ice, and magnificent polar bears. After arriving in Longyearbyen, we began our journey and traveled under the midnight sun aboard the National Geographic Explorer to experience nature in its purest form.

Aboard a fully stabilized ice-class Arctic cruise ship, we were able to probe the ice to see the tundra undergo a warm awakening in summer. The tundra is carpeted with wildflowers and ice-peppered fjords ring with the thunderous sound of glacial ice crashing to the sea. Walruses raised their sleepy heads to observe us, and reindeer were seen running along the shore.

On this expedition we discovered the wilderness and wildlife of Arctic Norway by various methods such as, Zodiacs, kayaks, and hiking. Our search for the beautiful polar bears of Svalbard was realized as we quietly observed the majestic beast in it's natural habitat.


Explore our journey through the land of the Ice bears

Day-By-Day Itinerary

Day-By-Day Itinerary

When you travel north to Arctic Svalbard, well beyond Norway's mainland, you find a world of deep fjords, snow-capped mountains and massive ice sheets. Each day brought us a new adventure and new areas to explore, find out where we were each day during the trip .

View the 12 day expedition itinerary.

Interactive Map & Timeline

Interactive Map & Timeline

Head north, into the ice and experience the legendary midnight sun. See wild polar bears, prowling the pack ice in pristine Arctic Norway, just over 350 miles from Norway's North Cape. Take a peek at the different locations that we visited in the Arctic and the wildlife that we found there.

View the interactive map & timeline.

Daily Journal

Daily Journal

Aboard a fully stabilized ice-class Arctic cruise ship, we were able to probe the ice to see the tundra undergo a warm awakening in summer. Find out what it was like to go on aboard the National Geographic Expedition and explore the beauty of the Arctic.

View the daily journal.

Land of the Ice Bears Photo Gallery

Land of The Ice Bears Photo Gallery

Shooting alongside a dozen local photographers from Southern California, we captured wildlife in the Arctic in its purest form. View some the stunning photos that captured the best moments at the heart of our Arctic expedition.

View the photogallery.



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