Canon EOS 1Dx

First announced in the Fall of 2011 and delayed in arrival due to the impacts of the Tsunami in Japan, I was on a waiting list since last November to get my 1Dx.  I finally got my camera in late July of this year, just a couple of weeks prior to my August trip to Alaska.  I gave it it's first real workout at Katmai and boy was I not disappointed.  This camera sets a new standard in the industry for cameras that those who shoot in the wildlife and sports world.  The auto-focus in unbelievable and at 12 fps this camera does things that are incomparable in today's photo world.  Nikon eat your heart out.  I love this camera.

Canon EOS 1D Mark IV

This is now my back-up camera and a superb one it is.  Now discontinued by Canon it is still in very high demand amongst the action and wildlife shooters.  At 10 fps, with a crop of 1.3 it is still a very desirable camera for those who shoot wildlife and sports.  I plan on keeping this camera for the next few years.
Canon 600mm f4 IS II Super-Telephoto

I received my lens after having had it on order for several months. My first real experience with it was my trip to Tanzania in February. Prior to receiving it I sold my 500 mm f4, which was a very capable lens. All I can say about the new 600 is that it is magic and I was incredibly pleased with the product that it produced. Combined with the 1DX they are a very tough combination to beat. I HIGHLY recommend this super-telephoto.

Canon EF 100-400 F/4.5-5.6L IS USM Lense

I am awaiting Canon's upgraded version of this lens to see just what the second generation lens will bring. An alternative to that lens, but far far more expensive is the newly announced but not yet available 200-400 f4 with built-in 1.4 extender. This lens is very costly but if the reviews that I have read are anywhere near accurate this lens is a true game changer.


Canon EF 70-300 mm F/4.5-5.6 IS Zoom Lense

I purchased this lens right after it became available and actually used it instead of my 100-400 because of two things. It is much lighter and it is less susceptible to the elements because of the fact that it utilizes the more common technology of twist and not pull when you want to change the aperture.
Canon EF 24-105 F/4L IS USM Zoom Lense

Of all of the lenses that I own, if I were just out doing general photography and didn’t need the advantage of a super telephoto, this is the lense that I would choose.  Very versatile lense and one that I always have in my bag.  It is sharp, focuses quickly and always delivers a great photograph.
Canon EF 16-35mm  F/2.8 II USM Lense

This is a great super wide angle lense from Canon.  I will usually take it with me, especially if I am shooting indoors or in cramped spaces.  Takes great wide angle shots with only a minimum of distortion.  A very nice lense.
Canon EF 100mm F/2.8 USM Macro Lense

This was the top of the line of the Canon Macro lenses and the one that most photographers preferred.  I am currently in the process of replacing this with the new Image Stabilized (IS) version of this lens as it is an appreciable improvement over the original.
Canon 1.4x EX Extender III

This is the newest version of the family of extenders and it is made exclusively for the Version II super-telephotos. I took this to Africa and when coupled with the new 600 II I saw virtually no degradation in the quality/sharpness of my shots. I usually have found that tele-converters can soften pictures, but not with this one.

Canon 580 EX II Speedlite

This is my third Canon flash and it is now the top of their line and very effective.  Fully automatic synchronized with the camera and it has a great deal of reach.  I also have purchased a Better Beamer Flash Extender that really gives this flash the ability to reach far far out.
Gitzo GT 3530 LS Tripod

After buying two previous tri-pods, looking to find something that did not cost me much money I did what I should have done in the first place, which was move the Rolls Royce of Tripods.  Gitzo is the way to go and this one is a good one....easy and quick in the set-up and its carbon fiber makes it light to carry....it can easily accommodate my Wimberley and an 800 mm lense....and it is plenty tall as I am 6'2" tall and this set up is plenty tall for me!
  Gitzo GM 3551 Monopod

Once again the third in my line-up of monopods.  This one is light, easy to set up, and can accommodate my 500 or an 800 mm lense set up.  I highly recommend any of the Gitzo tri-pod or Mono-pod products.
Wimberley Head Version II

After trying to hand hold my camera with my 300 or 500 lense for long periods of time I found that the Wimberley was just the answer....a little heavy but very sturdy and the gimbal mechanism words great.  There are also significant advantages when shooting moving animals such as birds to using this and thus keeping camera shake to a minimum.  It takes some serious practice but once you get it down you will really like how it performs.
Lowepro Photo Trekker AW II Backpack

I purchased this after making a couple of 2-4 mile r/t treks in Alaska and trying to carry my camera equipment in a couple of different bags.  This will allow me to carry 2 cameras, about 5 different small lenses and one large telephoto up to and including my 500mm.  It fits comfortably and the waist band strap makes it comfortable to trek long distances.  I highly recommend this pack.  This fits easily in the overhead compartment of most large aircraft as I never, ever, put my camera equipment in the belly of any commercial airplane.
  Think Tank Glass Taxi

This is also a very good and effective way to transport your camera attached to up to a 300mm lense as well as two or three other lenses all at one time.  It is not as big as the Photo Trekker back pack but still serves a useful purpose when you are not in need of so much equipment.  This also fits in the overhead compartment of just about any plane that you would fly.
  Tamrac Cyber-Pro Express Roller Bag

I found this very easy to maneuver with in Airports.  It is well padded, and can accommodate a couple of DSLR cameras, a half dozen lenses and other accessories, one large lense and a lap top computer...it also fits in all carry-on specifications so easy to store either above or under your seat.  Has a long handle and excellent rollers.
San Disc Compact Flash Cards

This is the brand that I have used for years.  I have found them to be very dependable and they work well.  I now use the Extreme Pro, 90 MB/s cards and and nothing smaller than a 32 GB due to the fact that I shoot so many shots and only in RAW.


During the Summer of 2013 we will travel to Alaska twice in our attempt to once again capture the sights of the 49th State.  We will once again fly into Katmai National Park to view and photograph the great Coastal Brown Bears as well as any other available wildlife that is there.  We will also spend time on the Kenai Peninsula in search of Bald Eagles and the magnificent landscape that is abundant in the Kenai Mountains.  We will also fly across the Cook Inlet and through Lake Clark Pass and into the Lake Clark National Park region.  This is magnificent mountain, river,.. Read More

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